Investing 101: Intro to Investing

No matter if you are just getting started or looking for a refresher, Investing 101 will give you the tools you need to begin your investing journey the right way.

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6 Lessons

This course is designed to take you through the basics of investing. If you ever find yourself saying “I really need to start investing but I don’t know where to start”, this is the course for you.

We will cover topics like:

  • What exactly is investing?
  • How do I buy stock?
  • What’s a dividend?
  • What’s the difference between a stock and a bond?
  • I have a 401K, isn’t that investing?
  • How do I get started?

Upon completion of this course you will have the skills to choose what to invest into, the ability to set an investment goal, and the understanding of how to start your research, and purchase a stock.